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We can do better!


Economic Growth & Development

In light of Chevron selling Chevron Park, relocating within San Ramon, and transferring some of their employees to Houston, Texas, this is an opportune time to introduce STEM-based jobs in emerging industries, such as biotechnology and renewable and alternative energy, that better align with our community’s skills and talents and provide well-paying jobs and a better work-life balance for our residents.

Afterschool & Community Programs That Foster Our Community's Interests & Goals

As a parent of a child with lifelong disabilities, I experienced firsthand the importance of having strong, diverse community programs that reflect San Ramon’s varied needs, foster our resident’s interests, and support our children’s educational and physical development regardless of their economic or disability status. I will advocate for robust, accessible family, child and adolescent, and senior programs that bring our community together across all ages and demographics and that support the educational and developmental goals, interests, and needs of our residents.

Supporting Higher Education & Apprenticeship Programs

Having been endorsed by 4 out of 5 of our Contra Costa Community College Board Trustees, I will leverage my positive working relationship with our Governing Board to increase academic support services and to expand apprenticeship programs and incentivize educational tracks in high-need industries.

Modern Townhouses

Affordable Housing through Housing Diversity

To meet our state-mandated Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) and not disrupt the landscape of our community, we should pursue infill development and create more mixed-use space that provides a variety of housing such as studios, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses in the downtown core for those who work in San Ramon but cannot afford to live here, such as our first responders, essential workers, and teachers. This provides our employees within the city with a better work-life balance, reduces traffic and greenhouse gas emissions, and encourages residents to spend in San Ramon and to use our local public and alternative forms of transportation, such biking or walking, over driving.

Creating A Vibrant, Safe & Innovative Model City

We can do better!

First Responder COmmunity Engagement.jpg

Attracting Green Jobs & Developing Green Infrastructure

Protecting our environment and investing in renewable and alternative energy jobs and infrastructure are a top priority. I support developing a smart city that will improve our residents' quality of life by optimizing and enhancing assets and services and better managing resources such as utilities, urban transportation, crime detection, and community services. We also need to create more electric charging and green hydrogen fueling stations and invest in solar energy.

Protecting Our Open Spaces & Reducing Traffic

Investing in smart growth will help prevent urban sprawl, ensure we pursue infill development, connect walking and nonmotorized bike trails that encourage alternative forms of transportation, and expand our public transportation, both County Connection and TRAFFIX,
 to key businesses and schools, to reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions and to promote community health and well-being through increased walking and biking.

Public Safety

Creating more opportunities for community engagement between our first responders, our businesses, and our residents is vital to ensuring that our public services are meeting our community's needs and that our community, in turn, is aware of our first responders needs and the services they provide.

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